Here’s One Thing You Can Do When You’re Feeling Stressed about Your Career

You have options – And this option includes clarity and an action plan.

It’s time to step back and assess the state of your career.

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My State of Your Career Annual Review is an evaluation and planning process that helps you assess your current career status, identify areas for improvement, and create an action plan to address your current situation. I partner with you to help you get a clear understanding of where you currently stand in your career and help you plan your next steps. You’ll feel confident in you and your future.


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Gain Clarity

Increase Confidence

Feel Empowered

Let’s Talk About Your Career

Sometimes, it’s hard to focus on your needs when others depend on you. Your annual career review is your time to focus on you and your most pressing career situation. When you are clear and confident, you are in a better headspace to take on your other responsibilities. These 2 hours are a safe place where you can talk about your current concerns, including, but not limited to these career areas…

Career Areas

5 Easy Steps to Get Career Direction:

A straight-forward process to get the career answers you’re looking for.

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Step 1. Order your review

Step 1. Order your review

You receive your welcome packet which includes your 24/7 access to your client portal filled with resources, orientation and scheduling your review

Step 2. Your Career Situation

Step 2. Your Career Situation

On your review day (yay!) you and your career strategist discuss your current career situation and your chosen career topic. You’ll also briefly review each career area to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

Step 3. Insights

Step 3. Insights

Together, you and your career strategist will explore insights and options to consider for your career situation.

Step 4. Action Plan

Step 4. Action Plan

With this information, you and your career strategist will create an action plan that reflect your discoveries.

Step 5. Next Steps

Step 5. Next Steps

Armed with your action plan, you’ll gain clarity and motivation on your next steps; with the option for accountability help if you choose.

Client Experiences

LaShaun P
    LaShaun P

    One of the best decisions I made was getting help for my career. I wasn’t sure that I was in the right career and Nancy helped me figure out what I was missing.

    Denise T.
      Denise T.

      I never heard of a career review, so I did not think this was for me. After speaking to Nancy, I found this was exactly what I needed. This saved me so much time in my job search.

        A Small Investment that Can Change Your Career Outlook

        Using proven tools, we help you develop a career roadmap that outlines actionable next steps to go forward in your career path

        P r i c i n g

        What’s Included:

        With our State of Your Career Review, you’ll get:

        Career Satisfaction Assessment

        A brief assessment completed prior to review day to identify your current career satisfaction level. We go over the results on review day.

        Career Review

        Your conversation between you and your career strategist about your current career situation and a brief review of each career area.

        24/7 Client Portal

        Your private hub to guide you through a stress-free annual review day.


        Access various resources to enhance/support your career journey

        State of Your Career Review


        Your 2 hours of career self-care